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The Ultimate Guide to Using a Volumetric Flask

There are various laboratory glassware used to prepare different chemical solutions. an example of such is the volumetric flask. This laboratory glass is best used to prepare and measure chemical solutions of known volumes. The volumetric flask is more preferred because than beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks because it is more precise.

This flask falls among the various laboratory glassware. If you are new to using the laboratory, you can easily recognize a volumetric flask by looking at the following features. The first noticeable feature is that the volumetric flask has a bulb and a long neck. The neck makes it easy to hold. The bulb has a flat bottom part to help it lay easily on a bench. You can easily handle a volumetric flask using your hands but if you are preparing complex chemical solutions, you can use special equipment.

If you own a laboratory and require buying volumetric flasks, being careful about whom you choose to buy from. Not all outlets can be trusted considering there are fake volumetric flasks on sale in the market. To avoid making a mistake, look for a dealer that has been in the industry for years. Such dealers offer authentic products and there is no way there are going to disappoint you at all. these dealers will also allow you price and quantity discounts on most of their laboratory equipment.

However, do not let price be the main determinant. Look at whether the outlet has a good reputation. Building a reputation is something that takes time and no dealer would throw that away for a single sale. If a certain laboratory store has a good reputation, there are going to offer you the best products to hold on their reputations. Check available customer reviews before buying products from a given outlet.

After buying a volumetric flask, most dealers will not guide you on how to use it. This should not worry you as below is a comprehensive guide on how to use a volumetric flask.

First, you only need to measure and add your solute into the volumetric flask. Afterward, add enough solvent to dissolve the solute. The amount of solvent you add depends on the type of solution you want to have. Keep adding the solvent until close to the lime marked on the volumetric flask. From here, use a pipette to fill the volumetric flask drop by drop. Stop once you have achieved a meniscus. Check out volumetric flask parts to know more.

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